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S1E14 - Inland Empire

S1E13 - DumbLand + Rabbits

You may be wondering, "What was David Lynch up to in the year 2002?" Well, if that is the case this is your lucky day because we're here to tell you all about his two wildly different webseries, the crudely animated gross-out cartoon DumbLand, and the existentially scary puppet "sitcom" Rabbits.

S1E12 - Mulholland Drive

you can put a fucked up guy anywhere

S1E11 - The Straight Story

Maybe the most twisted thing David Lynch can do.... is making a perfectly normal movie?

S1E10 - Lost Highway

It seems today That all you see Is violence in movies And sex on TV

S1E9 - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Wow what a fun time! We watched one of David Lynch's best (and toughest to talk about) movies.

Content warning for discussions of rape, abuse and incest in this one.

S1E8 - Twin Peaks Season 2 (Ep. 10-22)

It's our longest episode ever, and most of it is spent talking about episodes that David Lynch had no input on! You love it!

S1E7 - Twin Peaks (S2 Episodes 1-9)

Just you (just you) And I (and I) Together Forever In love

S1E6 - Wild at Heart

Episode Notes

We're closing out the year with a classic Christmas movie, Wild at Heart. Join us as we discuss fashion statements, Tommy Wiseau, subtle references to The Wizard of Oz and why exactly was this movie so poorly received?

Next month: Twin Peaks Season 2

(content warning for mentions of sexual violence)

S1E5 - Twin Peaks (Season 1)

It's time to talk about a little known TV show from 1990 called Twin Peaks. Did we like it? Is James cool? Did Harry do a hate crime? Who the fuck is Hank and why is he here? Tune in to find out.

S1E4 - Blue Velvet

Just in time for Halloween, we talk about David Lynch's spookiest movie, a timeless tale of a boy who finds a human ear and just slurps it down. (Content warnings for some discussion of sexual assault)

Next month: Twin Peaks season 1

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